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gatherings by amanda (amanda morrison fisher) located in the slums of irwin, PA is nothing but a tax write off joke. when asked to plan a simple engagement party (which i was going to spend a considerable about on), i was blown away with rates and ridiculous expectations on my part in order for HER to plan the party.

i have never encountered such an immature business person- so full of herself and arrogant! i would strongly discourage anyone from using her services or even considering her.

a monkey would be a more professional business person. but then again, she is following in the footsteps of her mother, what would i expect?

Review about: Engagement Party.


The Real Sunny

I AM THE ORIGINAL SUNNY THAT POSTED A POSITIVE POST LAST DECEMBER. I cannot believe that you took my username after it had expired on me and wrote negative things. Just shows what a coward you truly are "Sunny" from September, 2010!


Obviously the *** who is posting all this BS about Amanda is jealous and knows nothing about her. (yes, one person is making up multiple names and writing all this ***, we know that) She is a multiple business owner and is doing GREAT.

Yes, she closed one business, so what? I give her tons of credit for taking the chance to own businesses.

You really need to get a life. I actually feel sorry for you that you have to post BS like this to feel better about yourself.


Good! She is closing!

I knew she wouldn't last.

Probably crawling back to her mother for rescue. :cry


Go to the better business bureau!


A personal vendetta is not pretty. These negative comments are all about a personal problem and not a constructive comment.

Those of us local citizens who received a mailing of copies of these pages do not appreciate the vindictive attempt to hurt Amanda and her mother in the community. I suggest whoever needs to act like this should seek professional assistance; and if they are professionals themselves, dig deep and grow up.

#110253 is run by a birdman *** rapist named cameron ligman BEWARE


Thanks for the lesson, Mr. Rogers.

You should be one to talk about being truthful, fair and concerned about friendships.

How hypocritical and ridiculous! I'm glad the word is getting out.


I am apalled that such blatant lies can be written as the truth on this site. Allowing that behavior simply discredits the validity of the complaints and comments.

As a Rotarian, I follow the Four Way Test and encourage others to do so also. In everything you do and say, keep in mind: 1. Is it fair to all concerned? 2.

Is it the truth? 3. Does is build goodwill and better friendships?

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


I have known of Amanda for many years now and would discourage anyone from doing business with her, just because of how she is as a person. I would not mingle doing business with a person like that. Too shady.




I am so glad I found this post. I recently visited "Gatherings" and mistook it for a gift shop.

I proceeded to pick up the decorations around the store, thinking they were for sale, all while the 'business owner' sat and gossiped on the phone- no doubtedly a personal call, (how professional!) After several minutes of her gabbing, she finally decided to snootily inform me that she was a party planner. To which I did an about face and left.

I found her attitude to be totally unnecessary and will be spreading the word about this ridiculousness. How sad that the quaint little shoppes of Irwin are going downhill!


I am glad that someone else feels the way I do! I was in "Gatherings" the other day and mistook it for a gift shop and proceeded to pick up the owner's decorations, thinking they were for sale.

All while the 'business owner' was on a personal call. HUH! After several minutes of her gossiping on the line, she embarassed me by snootily saying that she was a party planner.

I think her attitude was completely ridiculous! So disappointed that the quaint little shoppes of Irwin are going downhill!


Sunny, are you a member of the Rotary? Because I heard they're the only people who purchase her stuff.

Thank goodness I found this post, I was considering having her plan a party. I'll be spreading the word!


I cannot believe someone would post a complaint about Amanda and Gatherings by Amanda. She personally did a huge party for me and my family and was fabulous.

I have been to her office and also purchased several of her beautiful custom baskets. Her office is located in beautiful downtown Irwin.

Had this person dealt with her or been to her office, they would know this. The above comment is nothing but fake.


I cannot believe what was written about Amanda. She did a huge party for us and we could not have been happier.

She was very professional and her prices were extremely reasonable. I have done business with her after the party also, buying some of her beautiful baskets.

They are located in beautiful downtown Irwin. If the person that wrote this comment has ever been to her business or dealt with her, they would know this.


This is a totally false statement. I think it is absolutely terrible that the only recourse business owners have against such false complaints is to pay the website $5000.00/year to be able to give "their side" of the story.

The problem with that? There is no "story" here.

No one has inquired about planning an engagement party and the personal attack on my mother (who is a well known and liked business woman) is way out of line. I hope anyone who reads this will see it for what it really is - garbage.

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